Feeling stuck in a cycle of quick fixes, overwhelmed by all the options &
never finding any lasting solutions?
​​Are you looking to understand more about how your body can heal itself,
so you can be empowered, sovereign,
& free to enjoy living...
With 20+ years experience, Holistic Healthcare Specialist & Intuitive Guide, Dr Niikee will assist you in finding the underlying cause of any issues so you can embody true wellness & live with vitality! 

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Would you like to understand more about your health holistically...
considering body, mind and spirit?
Why might we become unwell?
What is the underlying cause?
Is it 'passed down' through family or is your environment adding to the fire?
Unless the underlying cause is addressed, a problem never really goes away.... it can be covered up by treating symptoms in the short term, until it reappears again and we think it's something new.
Your body heals naturally in the right environment so moving away from treating disease, to supporting health is a big step in the right direction ;)
To support you in creating lasting changes, I've created tools and resources to increase your understanding of you; what creates health and causes disease, as well as rediscovering your intuition, so you can listen into your body's own innate wisdom. You can then rely more on your own truth when making decisions that matter for your own health, so you can live free and abundantly, long-term.
Choose Health Today
  It's your choice...
With small adjustments & finding your right balance, you will gain dramatic improvements in your health and happiness. Your body heals itself in the right environment and that's all it needs!
Learn to trust your inner knowing, get to the bottom of what is happening and start insourcing what's right for you rather than always outsourcing for superficial solutions. 
Most quick fixes and one size fits all solutions don't create wellness. The research shows 80% of 'diets & food plans' fail long term, while many medications need to be taken forever, adding more over time and lowering quality of life by not getting to the rood cause!
Any successful plan should look at the layers what is going on, inside and out, including different metabolic aspects, how you are feeling and your environment too.
Sustainable lifestyle change needs to be aligned with you as an individual in a way it can be maintained and enjoyed!
   Are you ready
  for lasting change?
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