Body Sense Alchemy Empowerment Courses
Body Sense Empowerment Courses have been created to assist with bringing back peace and enjoyment into your life. These wonderful transformational offerings help to raise your vibe by supporting the release of any blockages and stuck energy patterns. This assists you in being able to see the bigger picture and with that, a change in the perception that was creating the problems, leaving you feeling the joy which is our true nature!
These 3 week Empowerment courses provide direction and support by sharing with you tools to be able to make beneficial changes with ease and grace! On enrolment, you will receive a log-in to a personal online portal where each of the support resources, including myself, can be accessed. These include a variety of downloadable activities, meditations and affirmations reflective of each of the included flowers, plants and crystal energy.
Each Body Sense Empowerment Course also comes with 2 specially created Australian Bush Flower remedies to facilitate your journey.  The remedies have been hand crafted utilising the elements of nature to alchemically combine crystal & flower vibrations, along with a selection of divine organic essential oils.
The course packages are designed to enliven the senses & heighten awareness around different aspects of your own internal and external environment, assisting in creating positive and uplifting changes in your energy, outlook and emotions...
I provide a money back guarantee if you engage in and complete all of the components and nothing has changed in your world!
Each of the 3 week transformational courses consist of:
  • Drop dose flower essences infused with crystal energy
  • 10mL roll-on blend of flower essences, crystals and organic essential oils
  • Access to an online portal filled with downloadable affirmations from the plants & crystals, visualisations, reflections, meditations & other activities
  • Access to email support if needed
The journey is as important than the destination; being able to acknowledge changes as they arise, helps to harmonise and bring in more balanced energy!  💚
               $97 includes packing & postage within Australia if required

Moving Forward

Are you ready to make some changes?
Cross roads and road blocks on our path are often created by our doubts, lack of faith in ourselves. Nothing is permanent & obstacles are there to overcome so we can learn and grow.....  Find your flow and love the life you live!
Moving Forward Support Team -
  • Cinnamon Bark organic essential oil
  • Citrine crystal
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences -
    • Monga Waratah
    • Silver Princess
    • Bottle Brush
    • Five Corners
    • Red Grevillea

Happy Vibes

Feeling a bit flat & hard to find your groove?
Each day we always have a choice to reflect the positive or negative and share this with those around us. Change your perception and watch the world change around you change :(:
Happy Vibes Support Team - 
  • Lemongrass organic essential oil
  • Sunstone crystal
  • Blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences -
    • Pink Flannel Flower
    • Little Flannel Flower
    • Banksia Robur
    • Sunshine Wattle
    • Fringed Violet

Chill Zone

A lovely balance of calming infused with sparks of energy, so you can get to what needs to be done in a calm & hassle free manner!
When we can let go of the need to push, the need to force or the need to control, all begins to flow in universal rhythm with ease & grace...
Chill Zone Support Team - 
  • Peppermint organic essential oil
  • Rose Quartz crystal
  • Blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences -
    • Sundew
    • Black Eye Susan
    • Crowea
    • Paw Paw
    • Boronia

Compassionate Heart

Inspired by Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion who reminds us to recognise the wonder in each moment with those we love and share our lives!
Being present in the heart allows us to value all days as blessings by accepting the beauty that exists in all things   💗
Compassionate Heart Support Team - 
  • Jasmine absolute essential oil
  • Aventurine crystal
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences -
    • Pink Flannel Flower
    • Fresh Water Mangrove
    • Dagger Hakea
    • Slender Rice Flower
    • Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Intuitive Connection

Are you tapping into your intuition to help navigate your life more easily?
With clarity we can see beyond the veil of illusion and more clearly know our path ahead... when we release decisions made on fear and doubt which cause blockages, we open to universal flow  🌼
Intuitive Connection Support Team - 
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Amazonite crystal
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences -
    • Angelsword
    • Green Spider Orchid
    • Bush Fuchsia
    • Red Lily
    • Fringed Violet

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