Australian Bush Essences & Chakras - Course & Ongoing Education

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge about the Australian Bush Essences?


This educational and experiential journey into Chakras and Australian Bush Flower Essences, explores holistic wellness based on our subtle energy systems. Our subtle bodies often hold onto unexpressed emotions, blockages and other barriers to our health and happiness. For true healing to occur for any of us at any stage of life, it is important to always consider health as holistic, incorporating the mind, body and spirit.

This course will assist you to intuitively recognise patterns of dysfunction in the body and how these relate to certain emotional traits and the energies of the chakras. Working with these energy centres offers another level of insight and range of options in supporting yourself and others to find peace and harmony in life

Often it might not be obvious how certain patterns of behaviour in the subconscious affect moods and day to day dealing with situations. These patterns or blockages in the mind and emotions, become to create disharmony within the physical body, especially over the long term. This has been know for millennia in traditional medicine practices!

This course may be taken as an 8 module online series or as a 16 hour weekend live workshop at my beautiful office space near Brisbane, Australia. We start with the basics to deepen your understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection and then work through the many aspects of the emotional bodies, with a focus on each of the different chakras.


This journey is also very much experiential where you will have the opportunity to do various meditations and other activities to help you embody each of the chakras, as well as enhance your learning along the way! It is possible to ask questions anytime through the discussion forum or email me :)

The first session introduces flower essences and energy medicine so there is no need to have any experience in this area to participate. Even if you are currently working with the essences, this journey is sure to assist in supporting you and extend your skills at incorporating the bodies energy systems and the wonderful bush essences.

Both offerings have access to an online portal with the course recordings and all the support resources for you to continue on with and review over at any time, including meditations and reflections, yoga and mudras, as well as other tools for you to use and share.

On the first Wednesday evening of the month (7-8pm AEST +10GMT), commencing February 2020, there will be a monthly live webinar offered to support all past and current students of this course, where we can discuss any cases, share meditations and other processes, as well as ask any questions you have relating to the course or the essences :)

Sessions include -

  1.  Flower Essences and Energy Medicine

  2. Chakra 1 - grounding and manifestation

  3. Chakra 2 - the waters of emotion

  4. Chakra 3 - passion and purpose

  5. Chakra 4  - compassion and acceptance

  6. Chakra 5 - finding our expression

  7. Chakra 6 - insight and reflection

  8. Chakra 7 - unveiling of consciousness


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Course Details

The Chakra and Australian Bush Essence Series can be done as a weekend live workshop or online at your own pace at any time! It's designed as an educational course and  personal development journey, equipping you with tools to expand your own awareness and also wonderful resources for you to share with clients and loved ones. 

The program includes access to all the resources through your very own online portal, including downloadable meditations, activities and other tools to accompany you on your journey through the ancient and mystical chakra energies.

There is a discussion forum where you can ask me any questions and interact with other participants if you wish, as well as case studies to practice selecting essences. 

             $197 for the entire pre-recorded series

            $247 for the next intensive weekend training                                                 


Testimonial August, 2019

Dr. Niikee’s webinars are amazing!

She is very a kind and knowledgeable Flower! She has so much to share with us.

Dr. Niikee is an astonishing teacher, and funny sometimes to keep us engaged on her classes. Her distance chakra course is very rich, full of new information! She shares with us slides, meditations, case study practices, audio files, affirmation and much more. She is always prompt to respond any questions we have. Her energy is lovely, she has so much love in her Being. The meditations at the beginning of each session are very profound and relaxing.

When I am listening to her teachings, I can’t even believe that we are 15 hours and about 15,700 km apart from each other. I feel her energy very present through the webinar. Dr. Niikee’s presence is so strong that it doesn’t matter our geographical distance. I am so grateful I have signed up for her Australian Bush Flower Essences & Chakra Courses. It is helping me improve my skills and knowledge of the Bush Flower Essences. I have been learning so much from her! Thank you Dr. Niikee, for this fantastic course and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. You are a wonderful teacher! Many Flower blessings for your heart!



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