Follow Up Services

Follow Up services can be scheduled at anytime, once you have previously had an initial comprehensive holistic consultation or full length intuitive guide session.  You can book this service to connect, check in how you are going with everything, where you feel you are at and discuss any recommendations or changes needed to keep you on your path of wellness. If we are working intuitively, the sessions will be guided as to what is most appropriate for you at any time.

Connect with Dr Niikee whenever you need!

**Private Health Fund Rebates Available**

Service Details

General Follow Up Consultations are approximately 60 minutes, where we see how you are going and keep you moving in the right direction. That's what I'm here for... to support you to find balance & real solutions, so you can be empowered with your own freedom and live abundantly!

All sessions may be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home (or office) anywhere in the world or face to face at my Brisbane based office... click here for details


Investment:  $127


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