GUT Relief Program

This flexible 30 day GUT relief program has been designed to assist you in best supporting your digestive function so you can stay happy and healthy into the long term. It is structured to help you to identify and remove problem foods and includes loads of ways you can easily replace these in your diet.


The program initially requires you to clean up your diet, so that your GUT will have the opportunity to heal, then gradually start to bring back in any potentially problem foods you would like. This is done gradually to best identify what has most likely been causing you the problems and allowing you to specifically pin-point issues.


This program is for you if you've been experiencing any GUT symptoms like - 

  • bloating or bad breath

  • feeling uncomfortable and full for extended periods after eating

  • tiredness after eating

  • excess gas production from either end

  • swirling noises coming from your stomach

  • stomach pain

  • undigested food in your stools

  • constipation or diarrhea, or both interchanging

  • increasing food intolerance

One of the other goals of this program is to allow you to feel what it's like on a clean diet, in hope that you will keep some of the changes into the long-term :) Being able to maintain healthier habits will ultimately prevent the development of many chronic diseases and improve your quality of life into the future!


Program Details

Before commencing the program, you will meet online with me to assess your suitability for this program and tailor make your program to best suit you. This will include an assessment of where you are at with your current health and wellbeing, as well as any known underlying disease processes. I will also help you to create the most suitable plan given your tastes, daily habits and schedule. It is also possible to ask questions at any time during the program to help you stay on track and also address any of your concerns throughout the process!

It is possible to add additional follow-up consultations during and/or after the programme for extra support.... click here

The one-on-one sessions are conveniently conducted either at Vitality Sage Freedom Space in Wellington Point or online from the comfort of your own home (or office)... don't worry the system is super easy to use and also possible to do via telephone.

The package includes -

  • One-on-one consultation to assess IF any supplemental support is required

and online access to - (you can check it all out here)

  • GUT Relief Program protocol and additional resources

  • Nutrition Education Portal access 

  • Nutrition and Exercise Activity Tool to assist with tracking your progress

  •  Tools and practices to assist with keeping you balanced on the inside and out

  • Your Creative Kitchen Recipe Compendium

                                                                          Investment:  $222


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