Intuitive Guidance Sessions 

Are there possible barriers or blocks in your healing journey which might have accumulated over time or even perhaps in your ancestry?


Traditional medicine cultures have known for centuries the connection between thoughts, feelings and our physical health. Modern science is now starting to 'catch up' and recognise the effect of different energies on cells and tissues in the body.

Intuitive Guidance sessions delve into the deeper layers of your energetic system, to uncover and get to the root cause of issues that might be happening in your physical or emotional body. Find your true connection to body, mind and spirit!

Blockages to the smooth flow of energy in our mental and emotional bodies become to cause physical ailments over time and through family lines when they are not recognised and allowed to be released. By allowing these patterns to transform, our energy becomes more free and light as we release what is keeping us in suffering and misunderstanding. When energy flows freely and smoothly through our system, we have the opportunity to really thrive and create the life that we want <3

Scientific research is beginning to show us, how we feel on the inside affects how we feel on the outside and vice versa. Many studies demonstrate that our feelings and environment affect how our physical body functions, like our immunity, hormones and nervous system.


We are constantly creating our own reality! 

Being aware of how our thoughts affect our feelings, which inturn affect our body and mind, is key in creating balance and harmony.

During sessions, I intuitively identify any current underlying limiting thought or behavioural patterns that are ready to surface and where they reside in your energetic system. From there you can start to recognise how this is affecting the way that you feel and even contributing to any physical symptoms or diseases.

Leave behind the rubbish keeping you trapped in repeating patterns and cycles, sometimes generation after generation... it's time for real and permanent change in your life.

Service Details

Intuitive Guidance Sessions - all sessions are recorded for you to listen back to anytime and continue to work with any guided practices at home.

  • 30 minute - Energetic evaluation and channelled message to address a question you might have, receive clarity on moving forward in your life & shifting your energy into a higher vibrational frequency to assist with clearing any blocks. 

  • 60 minute - add on from the 30min session, a personalised guided meditation journey & breathwork to assist with reprogramming any underlying disharmonious patterns affecting you right now.

  • 90 minute - Delves into the deeper layers for the psyche to uncover and shift blockages in your physical and energetic system, identify and clear instigating events in your Akashic record. We will also connect with and receive a channelled message from a guiding archetype here to enlighten and support you at this time. 


Live sessions can be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or can be booked at Vitality time Wellness Space in Wellington Point, near Brisbane. 

Feel free to email me anytime with any questions by clicking here



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