30 day Vitality Programs

Vitality Wellness Programs are designed to support you through the process of changing old habits that aren't serving you into new habits that will keep you in good health for the long-term!
Creating changes for your lasting wellbeing can take time as we unlearn old behaviours and practice new ones, while at the same time addressing any subconscious sabotage and other negative belief systems. Including the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of you and your surroundings, is the only real way to make permanent and lasting changes.
Yo-yo dieting and beating yourself up with patches of extreme exercising and overly restrictive eating, is definitely not the answer! Vitality programs move you gently into making changes that are manageable and sustainable, which is essential to allow the body to be in the right environment to heal, to keep in good health and prevent chronic diseases long term. You will be pleasantly surprised just how much little changes and a bit of understanding can have a big impact on the way you feel!
Because we are all different, both physically and also with our commitments and other life demands, each program includes a consultation with me so you receive recommendations to suit you as an individual, to optimise your success. Be supported to make changes, in a way that will be easy to maintain!
I provide a money back guarantee if you engage in the programmes
and nothing has changed in your world!

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