Body Sense Alchemy Courses

Body Sense Alchemy courses have been created to assist shifting any blockages and stuck energy patterns, to keep your energy flowing and high vibe. This is a great support to being able to see with clarity, how to best move forward and resolve any challenges along your journey.
Over 3 weeks, you will have the opportunity to work with each of the 7 reflections, meditations or other processes over 3 days, allowing you the time to sit with and integrate new patterns as you work through each of the practices. Each is designed to activate new patterns within your energy field and align you with change.
The support remedies have been hand crafted utilising the elements of nature to alchemically combine crystals, Australian Bush Flower Essences & divine organic essential oils, to assist you in maintaining the energetic shifts bought about by the practices. The courses are designed to harmonise vibrations through providing insight into different aspects of your own internal environment, assisting in creating positive and uplifting changes in your energy and environment...
I provide a money back guarantee if you engage in and complete all of the components and nothing has changed in your world!
Body Sense Alchemy Courses consist of 3 parts:
  • Access to online course with downloadable flower & crystal affirmations, visualisations, reflections, meditations to work with over the 21 days
  • Drop dose Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • 10mL roll-on blend of flower essences, crystals and organic essential oils

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