I've created and hand made all of the following offerings with you in mind. With over 20 years experience in health and wellness practice, I have personally put together this range of offerings to support you in optimising your life's journey.

Flower Essence Courses

This 8 part journey starts with the basics to deepen your understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection and then takes you through the many aspects of our emotional bodies, with a focus on a different chakra each session. This journey is also very much experiential where you will have the opportunity to do various meditations and other activities to help you embody each of the chakras, as well as enhancing your own journey along the way!

Body Sense Alchemy Courses

Body Sense Alchemy Packages have been hand created utilising the elements of nature to alchemically blend crystal and flower vibrations, along with a selection of divine essential oils. The combinations are designed to enliven the senses & heighten awareness, assisting in creating positive and uplifting changes in your energy!
For the 3 week journey, a variety of activities, meditations and reflections, have been designed to support your process and bring about transformational changes in your life....

Your Creative Kitchen Recipe Compendium

Your Creative Kitchen is an easy to use online recipe compendium, with regular updates! This collection has been created to assist you in being able to cook with whatever ingredients you might have on hand, to cook more affordably during season and also minimise wastage.

Optimising Nutrition Education Series

The 'Optimising Nutrition' Education Series is designed for those who would like to understand more about the ins and outs of nutrition, backed by real science. The aim is to empower you and help you to decide for yourself about what's healthy and avoid get swept up in clever marketing and constant internet gossip..... make healthy choices easy! The series consists of 7 modules, each including recorded lessons and access to plenty of support resources, as well as discussion forums where you can share your views or ask any questions about the session topics.... 

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