Refresh Programs
My Vitality Sage Learning Space offers different programs best suited to what you are wishing to learn or changes that you are going to make in your life. The 30 day refresh programs are designed to support you through the process of changing old habits that aren't serving you into new habits that will keep you in good health long-term - body, mind & spirit! 
Are you ready to feel happy and full of vitality?
Ready to love living your life?
Become empowered with your own health!
Creating changes for your lasting wellbeing can take time as we unlearn old behaviours and practice new ones, while at the same time addressing any subconscious sabotage and other negative belief systems. Considering the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of you and your surroundings, is the only real way to make permanent and lasting changes.
You will be pleasantly surprised just how much small and subtle changes can produce big results! A few changes in awareness here and there, along with a deeper understanding can have a big impact on the way you feel both inside and out!
Each program has loads of support resources to ensure your success and the change in your life you have been looking for.
If you have any questions please feel free to jump into the contact section above and send me an email or press here to be redirected :)
Better yet, why not book a free Quick Chat with me to ask any questions and discuss what might be most suitable for you at this time?

Cleanse, Clear & Create

This 30 day cleanse & calibrate is designed to support your mind and body to come back into balance and realign with your spirit. Cleanse your body, Clear your energy fields & Create your desired life. Learn how to best support all parts of you naturally, through a variety of simple daily lifestyle techniques, along with meditation & reflective practices to keep you in flow and more at peace. Best of all have you enjoying it too!

Energy Medicine Mastery

This year long educational and experiential journey will deepening your awareness of energetic wisdom and how to use traditional medicine practices for healing. The practices and processes will transform your energy, harmonise stuck and subconscious patterns that aren't serving any benefit, and best of all lighten up your life! 

Unity Consciousness Collective - Initiate Temple

This 21 day transformation will align you to your inner wisdom so you can become your own guide! Be held in sacred space whilst you develop trust in your own ability to navigate your life so that you make choices that are optimal for yourself and the collective. Flow with freedom and enjoy what it means to be alive. Resonate with higher vibrational fields so that you are drawing experiences you desire in life. It's all possible with a few key awareness that will open doors to the new paradigm.  

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