Testimonials  &  Thank-you's
What some previous clients and workshop participants have had to say ....
 Thankyou so much!  It was a real boost to see you today.  Your gentle kind support is wonderful.  Anna
I’ve felt light and spacious and an increase in calm with happiness since our session. I'm so grateful.  Tresa G
  Private Client Sessions 
Thank you very much for being so generous with your knowledge and time.  It is certainly something that I really needed at this time. Chiew Y
Thanks for yesterday's session. It was very insightful.  Di
Thank you for the ongoing sharing of your wisdom and support.  It is truly truly appreciated.  Tessa F
Would like to thank you for all of the wonderful information that you share.  I really appreciate it and I always look forward to our next session. Wallina S
Thank you Niikee! I'm feeling much more positive and came away from you smiling... now that's something from how I've been feeling lately!  Leanne S
 Programs & Talks
Just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating & helpful to all of us during this program.  You've been really great!   Jessica McC
Thank you so much Niikee! Was a pleasure listening to all your knowledge. And using grace, gentleness and intuition to deliver it all.  Katrina O
This workshop was very informative & helpful, enlightening & inspiring! I'm looking forward to using the knowledge & understanding.  Julia A
Thank you so much for this program, it's been really engaging and enjoyable.  Alana
The program was above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend working with Dr Niikee.  Angelika H
 Courses & Workshops
Thank for you leading our gorgeous group in this exploration of the chakras and how they work in combination with the flower essences. It has not just been educational but also a way to fill my cup with positivity and light every class. Erin

I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful Bush Flower & Chakra course. Your in-depth knowledge of the flowers made each and every one of them come to life. I enjoy working with chakras and like having the bush flowers organised according to the chakras. Diane R

Wow, what a journey! One of discovery, tears, insight, joy and practical activities for use in everyday life. I first registered for the 'Awakening Your Inner Wisdom' course because it sounded intriguing, and magically appeared at a time where I was searching for the next elevation. It turned out to be so much more than that! 

Dr Niikee is a talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who gives her all for her students. Her abilities and expertise bring a scientific, practical application to metaphysical phenomenon. Her humility and compassion are unmatched … I was sad to reach the final class. I would do it all over again! Attending this course really is most the informative, interactive, enlightening and empowering choice anyone could make. Suzanne C

Thank you so much for the 'awakening your inner wisdom' course we really enjoyed it. The mediations are really good and the lessons I know will be carried with me walking forward in time. There has been so many shifts too within myself and around me through this process. Really interesting times for sure, I love the radical empathy too which I will practice for the rest of my days :) Sheri & Angie 

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