Whole Food Cleanse

This flexible 30 day cleansing program is designed to support your body in the best possible way to heal so it can work at its very best. In order to do so, it is important to be eating all of your essential vitamins and minerals, enough fibre and water, as well as a good level of healthy fats. We also support all of the systems of detoxification and elimination in your body, throughout the process through a variety of simple techniques.


One of the main goals of this program is to get you to a place where you are more easily able to maintain healthy choices into the long term... It takes 3 weeks to make habits and 3 weeks to break habits so by the time you are through this program, it's like having a clean slate. Being able to maintain healthy habits most of the time will ultimately prevent the development of many chronic diseases and improve your quality of life into the future!

There are 3 phases, with the first commencing with supporting your bodies detoxification pathways to ensure that toxins can easily leave the body. The second involves sequentially removing processed and other 'junkie' types of foods, where you get to decide in which order you proceed so you are already winning before you begin :) There are also lots of tips and tricks to overcome blockages and withdrawals.... yes I did say withdrawals!!

The third phase is optional and if you only manage to get through phase 2 during the month then that's still fantastic, as you have still made a huge difference to your health! If you are ready for phase 3 after your second week we delve deeper into the cleanse with periods of raw foods and juice days. Not for too long though so there is nothing to worry about and it is optional :)


Before commencing the program, you will meet with me to assess your suitability for the program, tailor the program for your needs and discuss any other health issues you might be experiencing. These sessions may be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home (or office) anywhere in the world or face to face at Vitality Time Wellness Space in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... click here for details

It is possible to add additional follow-up consultations during and/or after the programme for extra support.... click here

The also package includes online access to the following -

  • Wholefood Cleanse Program

  • Personalised Monthly Schedule and Plan

  • Shopping Lists and Adjustable Planner

  • Support Tips and Tricks to get you through with ease

  • Cleansing Emotions Meditation Method

  • Yoga Postures to Support Detoxification Organs

  • Introduction to Nutrition Educational Resources 

  • Additional Nutrition Education Videos to expand your understanding of how nutrition affects health in easy to understand ways that will change the way you look at food!

  • Your Creative Kitchen Recipe Compendium

                                                                             Investment:  $247 or groups as per arrangement 


Program Details

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