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There are many different workshops offered throughout the year, combining educational with experiential aspects to provide an integrated approach to learning. My 20+ years of education and experience in private practice, as well as 10+ years teaching & curricula designing, along with my enthusiasm, guarantees an enjoyable and transformational experience for all participants!
Please check below for the current 2020 schedule so far and click on anything you are interested in knowing more about...
Remember to keep checking back as events will be added as the year progresses :)
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Upcoming Live Events

February 2020
- 1st - Summer Day Retreat - Vitality & Longevity (Wellington Point)  
- 3rd - Releasing stuckness & aligning with your best life (free online webinar)  
- 8-9th - Chakra's and Bush Essences Weekend (Wellington Point)
- 7th - Masterclass - Grounding reality and clearing family lines (online) 
- 21-22nd - Level 1 Australian Bush Flower Essences (Brisbane) 
- 30th - Accessing your Intuitive - (free online webinar)
- 2-3rd - Activating Intuition & Bush Essences - (6 week online course)
- 6th - Masterclass - Passion & Soul Alignment (online)
- 8-29th - Unity Consciousness Collective - Initiate Temple -Activate, Awaken, Align (21 day online accelerate programme)
Upcoming Events
Natural Immunity
Vitality Sage Freedom Space
Unity Consciousness Collective - Initiate Temple
Online via Zoom

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